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What’s a Geopark?

A journey of bonding and learning about the earth, and a place to enjoy geotourism/

“The Japanese Geopark” has 43 areas.

The north foot of Mt. Asama was authorized in September, 2016.


The north foot of Mt. Asama parts in six areas.


geo_park1_english geo_park2_english


Michi-no-eki Yamba Furusato-kan is base facilities of the Agatsuma River area. We introduce the geo-site in the area.

The geo-site is the highlight to characterize a geological feature and the topography, the Geopark including a living and the animals and plants of the person.



Web Site

Geopark concept of the north foot of Mt. Asama  https://mtasama.com/

Japanese Geoparks Network  http://geopark.jp/


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