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Guide of the parking lot

  • 2016-06-27 (月) 14:28

Guide of the parking lot


1. Please turn your engine off at the parking

2. Please keep the audio volume low

3 Please keep your voice low at the parking lot

4. No chairs and tables allowed at the parking lot

5. Please put the garbage in the trash can and smoke at the designated place. No household garbage allowed to bring.

6. Please refrain from sitting-in and stand talking at the parking lot. Use of Rollar skates prohibited.

7 Please be considerate of others

8. Please park at designated places for each type of vehicle. Please do not park for long hours.

If you park for more than 12 hours, please let our station know the type of your vehicle, the vehicle number, your address and name.
Your car may be towed if parked for more than 12 hours without permission. All charges are paid by you.

9. Thank you for your cooperation.


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